Custom glu-ups

When lumber isn't available in the widths you need, glue-ups are your solution. Whether it's a sizing challenge you need to overcome, or you're looking to combine the look of multiple wood species, our glue-up specialists will work with you to create the perfect piece of lumber for your project.


Finished and unfinished Table tops

Glue-ups are what make perfect table tops possible. Combine dozens of slim boards into one perfectly level table top work of art for your kitchen.


Butcher blocks

Combine exotic hardwoods in any pattern or configuration you can imagine to create a one of a kind cutting board. Contact us for pricing and help choosing the right materials. 


Interior doors

Custom doors can make the difference in any home remodel or new construction project. Whether you're creating a one-off door or need them produced in volume, we the best woodworking shop for the job.