custom planing & straight-lining

Purchase rough cut lumber or ask us to finish it to perfection based on your specifications. 


board planing

Boards are rarely the thickness they claim to be. Board planing is also referred to as "thickness planing" and is a crucial step in the process of creating high quality wood flooring, table tops, cutting boards and most glue-up jobs.  


45 degree Table Top Mitering

Let us help you create the perfect mating angle and top finish for your 90 degree table or desk top. 


Board Finishing for Cabinet Builders

Increase the efficiency of your cabinet shop by letting us finish your boards to your specification. 



Choose from our inventory of profiles or request a quote for a custom project.


Slab Leveling

Choose slabs from our inventory or allow us to level and finish a slab you already own. Call or stop by for more information on our slab leveling services. 



We'll finish your boards to your sanding specs, fully customized.